Brady Hale

Feb 3, 2020

3 min read

Ready Player One- Audiobook Redesign

For one of my classes, we were tasked with the objective of redesigning an Audiobook that we thought could use a little bit of an update or change in design when it came to the Cover Art and MetaData. I chose Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Though it has been recently updated due to the movie adaptation done in the Spring of 2018, I personally am not a huge fan of when they create the cover art of a book or audiobook to be still or shot from the movie. DRIVES ME INSANE. It's super lazy and with a book like Ready Player One, there are tons of movies, videogame, and pop-culture to draw from. You could create an amazingly unique cover art!

Research and Design

I decided to look up what current Cover Art looked like and what fan art people had made for the book.

These were the redone Cover Art when the movie came out. Nothing special, though it looks good and conveys an image. Just not very Unique in my opinion.

I then started looking up fan art for the movie.

These were much more interesting. I really liked the idea of the second one. It really showed the book as what it really is all about. Creativity and the love for videogames.

This gave me the idea of doing like a old school arcade cabinet as the cover with the three Keys that are described in the book.

This was my sketch.

Then I landed on this design. I was pretty happy with it. I felt like it did a good job but also kept it simple for the option of cover art resizing.

Doing the rest of the audiobook was simple. Chapters didn’t have Chapter Titles just 1–39. Though when I exported it on my device it just showed up as 1 huge file.

Overall was a good experience. I think that it was worthwhile doing and got a fun little project out of it!

Brady Hale is a student in the Digital Media program at Utah Valley
University, Orem Utah, studying Interaction & Design. The following article relates to (Popular Audiobook Redesign) in the (DGM 2260 Course) and representative of the skills learned.