Creating the Perfect Podcast

Understanding yourself, your audience, and doing the simple things to stand above the rest.

Creating a Podcast from the ground up seemed at first to be a straightforward enough task. Some mistakes could have been avoided if I would have put more thought into the editing process of the podcast.

Coming up with the name the Tilted Podcast, originally came from the gaming community. Topics for the podcast are not limited to just gaming conversations but are a huge part of the podcast.

The origin of the name for Tilted Podcast

Inspiration was taken from multiple places from the internet. I wanted to keep the purple colors that I originally planned for. Wanting to keep things simple, I looked up other ideas and stumbled upon microphone icons. I then thought of maybe adding some more detail into the microphone. I started to look at old console controllers and stumbled on the Super Nintendo controllers and combined the icons and the controller and came up with the final product.

Some tweaking was done because the text, on what I thought was the final image, turned out to be easily confused with a “ J ” instead of the “ T ” of what it actually is.

Although I have lots of experience in “Live-Streaming” and “Recording” video for various other podcasts, Youtube Videos, and Gaming streams done on, I made a super simple mistake from the get-go. When I started recording, the output that I had set for OBS (Open Broadcast Software) I didn’t switch and was set as a “.mkv” file. This provided a very difficult issue to solve because I didn’t notice after the ~25 min recording was finished. This lead to a very long file. Because I’m not super versed in audio conversion, nor what the best way would be to convert it to an “Audio Only” file like “.mp3” would be, it took a lot of research on how the ideal way would be.

First Error

All the services that I went to wouldn’t let you convert an audio file so large for free. Most of these services require you to pay like $30 or more per month just to use their service.

So suggestion #1 after this first mistake… Make sure that you are recording in the format you are wanting it to be in its final state (or close as possible).

My podcast, the Tilted Podcast was originally designed to be a podcast that I did with my friend and Co-host Adam. We had filmed a total of 8 before taking a break while he was in the process of moving and switching jobs. Before, the length of the podcast was substantially longer and had much more of an upbeat mood.

Adjusting the Podcast was necessary due to the fact that Adam would be unavailable for the recording due to being out of town was unexpected. If I were to go back again, I would probably get someone else to record with me. I don’t know if I can really hold a conversation with myself and be interesting enough to have people listening throughout the whole thing.

Suggestion #2. Film with someone else. Its more interesting and more fun.

Limited editing was needed. I own a fairly expensive microphone and only had one input because my Co-host was unavailable in the two episodes that I recorded. All I had to do was add some intro music at the beginning of the episode and some outro music and I was done.

Anchor Logo

I chose to use to pick an aggregator. I chose because of its simplicity and its ability to host unlimited time. Although this podcast was only required for a class, my Co-host and I were wanting to actually pursue this more so looking for something long term that would also publish to Spotify for free was a huge bonus for us. Its a very simple to use program and I am glad we chose this one. was simple and easy to use and I would 100% recommend them to a friend or anyone wanting to set up a podcast!

Because of how works, its very simple to test. Its automatically pushed out to your dashboard on and then later gets pushed out to Spotify or any other service that you want to use.

Simple distribution to anywhere you want for free

Other than the mistakes that I made, I don’t think I would have changed anything. I learned a valuable lesson on not making a mistake with recording with the wrong software and having the settings correct. I think all around this was an amazing experience and I actually am interested in continuing the podcast as a hobby!

Brady Hale is a student in the Digital Media program at Utah Valley
University, Orem Utah, studying Interaction & Design. The following article relates to (Podcast Creation) in the (DGM 2260 Course) and representative of the skills learned.

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