Created Mock Designer Toy Magazine to enhance my Mag+ skills

CNTRC Magazine (pronounced “Centric”) was created to enlighten a wider audience about the growing movement of Designer Art Toys often known as Vinyl Toys, Designer Toys, or Collectable toys. Often these collectibles are created for advertising the newest Hollywood Movie or even new AAA Video Games. The rarer and sought after pieces are ones that are “one-offs” or only created in a limited fashion, created or designed by famous Artists or people that play an important roll in pop-culture.

Overall the process of creating the publication CNTRC spanned over half a semester.

The Process

The reason why I decided to create CNTRC Magazine was because of the lack of compiled content that was out there with the focus being on Designer Toys, Art, the Artists, and companies that surround these important pieces of art. I started by creating some rough sketches of how I wanted to design the publication.

Though these sketches were super rough, it helped me get a feel of how I wanted the flow of the publication to go and set a feel for CNTRC.

Sketch of possible designs

The design was completely mine. However, the content, images, and videos were all taken from other websites and articles as something that was a proof of concept. Ideally, this content would be completely owned or sourced by me, but due to the nature of the project, it was necessary to “borrow” content from other places.

I wanted to try and make the articles look as professional as possible. I had the most fun designing those. For some reason, it makes the most sense to me. The articles were something that I could relate to and enjoying English classes as much as I did in high school, made me really want to try and make those look good.

Here are some of the final designs that I came up with:

These are some of the articles that I came up with. They have slideshows and I feel like they look really good! I’m happy with what I came up with.

Here I created an ad, a question and answer, and an additional article that had popups to show off individual pieces of art.

I also created a popup video that showed off an artist's studio. I think that overall the designs of the pages were very appealing and I am happy with how everything turned out.

In Closing

Appreciating art is free, getting involved in art is life-changing. What is so unique with Designer Toys is, getting involved and becoming a part of it can be so simple and cheap, but it can also become something much more intense if you want it to be! There is something unique about being able to purchase something in pop-culture and have it become apart of your home and life.

Brady Hale is a student in the Digital Media program at Utah Valley University, Orem Utah, studying Interaction & Design. The following article relates to (Mag+Final Publication) in the (DGM 22y0 Course) and representative of the skills learned.

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