By Brady Hale and Jordan Taylor

The long process was completely worth it, even though at the time, we might not have understood its importance.

Product Review and Gesture Audit

Auditing something like and Youtube was a real eye-opening experience to why doing the research when completing something so grand, is a very important…

Overview: Was tasked to “design a Product Catalog (for tablets)” for “any existing company.” We were told to work within their brand’s style and guidelines and to not use Ipsum and placeholder text, but to either write our own or use assets and text that they already had.

My Personal…

Resume for internship and program acceptance

Brady R. Hale
1287 N 1220 W
Provo, Utah 84604

C: 801.549.7646

Objective: To obtain an internship and continue my educational career and finish my degree in UI


  • Classes ranging from Graphic Design, Programming, Animation, to UI/UX. Have done a lot of…

My name is Brady Hale. I am a UI student that has a background in business management, graphic design, programming, and animation!

Some of the things that make me who I am today are my Wife, my newborn Son, my passion for Art, Love for computers, and my minor addiction…

Me being the genius I am, I decided to not look at the course requirements before I showed up to class the first day for what I had just assumed would be some Adobe centered curriculum. Boy was I wrong. I knew the time would come where I would probably…

Focusing on Function over Form

Having been thrust into the Ui/Ux program at my University after an unsavory experience with attempting to be an Animation and Game Design major, I knew almost nothing about Adobe XD. I can draw, I’ve done logo design, overlays for Live Streaming, Podcast production, and…

Brady Hale

Husband | Father | UI/UX Design Student at UVU | Gamer

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